Welcome to Wake Island…

Hello Friends,

this is the home of Wake Isl. Records.

Wake Isl. is our love child, it is what we do in the cracks, what we do around the corner, out of sight. We are amateur makers of stuff. No one knows what’s next except when we plan what’s next. We make music, we search out music and we love to celebrate music. DIY or Die.

If you are bored, maybe you are boring. We are boring most of the time but not all of the time. We follow obsession, trying to get there. Where and what and why? Doesn’t really matter. Wake Isl. is a place of obsession, where you want to go, without reason. Named after an astronauts obsession in J.G. Ballard’s short story, rather than a real place in a real world. Sounds really serious but it isn’t.

Want to play? Send your music, your stuff your ideas!